High Bottom — Letting Go of Vodka & Chardonnay is one woman’s daring account of how she became a high-functioning alcoholic while climbing the corporate ladder, earning degrees and eventually becoming a psychotherapist.  

Author Tammy Roth opens up about her struggle with anxiety, depression, and the stress of her overachiever lifestyle. Other than embarrassment, Tammy faced few consequences for her drinking. Instead, she continued to succeed in her career. This paradox made accepting the fact that she has a disease difficult.  

In her memoir, Tammy navigates the surprising world of sobriety and creates her own form of recovery through a combination of alternative-healing methods and traditional 12-step meetings. She discovers the beauty of living life fully present, without the numbing effects of alcohol. Tammy tells it like it is. Everything from suicidal thoughts to digestive issues comes to the surface in High Bottom.