Metaphysical Fantasy Explores Dreamworld

Wandering in the Words Press is pleased to announce the release of Exits and Entrances, by Abe Drayton.

Abe takes readers on an unexpected journey that will have them questioning reality and their very existence. His masterful descriptions of alternate worlds both frighten and entertain the senses.

About the book:
When Shakespeare wrote “All the world’s a stage …” nobody took it literally.

Anthony Ballrain knows that as well as anybody, but when his walk home from work takes him past a door he’s been dreaming about, he feels like it’s his cue to exit. Stepping through, he finds himself in a seemingly uninhabited world that has only a casual relationship with reality. When he finally finds other people, they’ve already met him, and what’s more, they despise him.

In a world where the impossible happens on a regular basis, Anthony is forced to confront a darker side of himself. Unfortunately, it’s getting harder for him to figure out just which side that is.

The night sky held magic for Anthony for years before all this insanity began, and for him it held a promise of heaven. With all of his mother’s attempts to make him religious, the one thing that had really given him pause—the one thing that made him think that there might really be a heaven and a hell—was the night sky and the joy he saw there.

Now he looked up and felt that maybe, just maybe, he had found that same joy that made the stars dance. Where once he had been awed by twinkling, flickering stars, he now had whole constellations that not only flickered and twinkled in place, but soared across the sky like coordinated meteors, or swooped down to pass around him in a blaze of light. 

 About the Author:
Abe Drayton was born in Massachusetts, and spent a majority of his childhood wandering around the forests of New England. In college, he studied biology, which led him to a semester in Tanzania, and a week-long trek up Mt. Kilimanjaro, where he wrote the short story that grew into Exits and Entrances

Now, in addition to writing fiction, Abe works in climate science education, which informed the content of his first published short story, Sun, Moon, and Stars. He currently lives in Massachusetts with his wife, Tegan, a dog, a cat, and a neglected philodendron.